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HotHouse is currently working on three projects: presenting programs /public events, organizational development, and site acquisition.

HotHouse develops public interdisciplinary cultural programs that otherwise enhance our collective understanding of disparate cultural practices and traditions.
In producing programs, HotHouse actively seeks curating partners and other academic and institutional collaborators to conceive and develop program content and build diverse audiences. At present, HotHouse is presenting a variety of arts and humanities events throughout the metropolitan region.

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PROJECT: WPA 2.0, a brand new deal
In 2011, the HotHouse program committee elected to develop programming that would respond to downturn in the worldwide economy. Through the program development process this overarching theme was distilled and refined and now articulated as the WPA 2.0, a brand new deal. The program committee intends to respond to the current Great Depression by developing a kinetic and contemporary ‘take’ on the meme. By re-mixing archival ephemera, incorporating new media and punk rock aesthetics in interpreting and riffing on history, HotHouse will analyze and explore creative solutions that respond to today’s economy.

WPA 2.0, a brand new deal current program schedule

Click on the link below to see the program booklet for this round of WPA 2.0, a brand new deal programs. These booklets are being widely distributed throughout the city. We encourage you to pass on the info as most of the events are free and open to the public


PROJECT: Organizational Development -Building the new organization
portoluz was founded by Marguerite Horberg and incorporated by a group of successful longtime practitioners in the fields of arts, technology and social enterprise who came together after identifying a need for more progressive community-based cultural centers that develop resources and applications for the greater good. portoluz successfully achieved the benchmarks of its start-up phase, from incorporating, to drafting strategic and business plans, recruiting and developing a new board of directors, launching volunteer committees and fundraising. Now the organization is in its second phase of development and focusing on increasing capacity and preparing for facility development.

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PROJECT : HotHouse Site Acquisition
To date, the organization has organized a site acquisition committee and visited over 85 potential sites. Currently, the board is focused on pre-acquisition activities that will strengthen its abilities to purchase and operate a permanent site.

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