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Eyes on the Rainbow: 20th Anniversary Screening

Friday, November 03, 2017

Event starts at 7:00 p.m. 

Uri-Eichen Gallery
2101 S Halsted chicago, IL 60608
Click here for location info


Filmed in 1997, Eyes of The Rainbow: A documentary film with Assata Shakur was recorded in Cuba 33 years after her exile. It encompasses the African Spirit Oya to illustrate the struggles Shakur has faced as a Revolutionary. In the video Shakur talks about her life in Cuba, the influence of her grandmother as well as AfroCuban ancestry as a result of the African Diaspora.

"In the struggle of the African American people, many women's voices in the past and the present have always called for social justice, women who throughout the years have shown integrity and firmness in their principles. For this reason, "The Eyes of the Rainbow" is dedicated to all women who struggle for a better world. ~ Gloria Rolando

Gloria Rolando's career as film director spans over 35 years at ICAIC, the Cuban national film institute. She also heads an independent film-making group, Imágenes del Caribe, based in Havana. She calls the series of her films "Histories and Images of Our People"

With Remarks by Prexy Nesbitt and Fanny Rushing

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